What Will You Do If Your Bobtail Has Something Wrong?

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In the very beginning, I want to ask you a question: do you often take part in some parties? I am sure you do, or, at least, now and then, right? However, a suit of bobtail is a necessity. Then, what if your beautiful bobtail has something wrong, such as being stained by red wine, being broken by some pointed things and that sort of the things?
Today, what I want to introduce to you is several embarrassing occasions related to your bobtail as well as their solutions.
As we all know, red wine is frequent caller in almost every party. Therefore, it is one of threat to your exquisite bobtail. Please imagine a picture. In the party, you and several good friends get together. You guys are talking happily. At this moment, a waiter is carrying a big plate where a lot of cups of red wine are on it. Unfortunately, you and the waiter collide with each other. The result is the red wine splashes the back of your bobtail. What will you do? Actually, a long and wide silk scarf can help you a lot. You can warp around your upper body like a cappa. What is more, this method not only helps you to get out of the embarrassing situation, but also even can add a little fashion to your dress.
Then, generally speaking, every party place needs some decorations, such as some colorful lights, some gadgets and something like that. The atmosphere in the party, sometimes, is very high. You may have no attention to some pointed things. Take the pointed angles of tables or chairs for example. Maybe, someone invites you for a piece of dance. When you get up from the chair, then, your beautiful is hung by the pointed angle of the table. The consequence is a big breach on your skirt. What will you do? A triangle silk scarf or a square silk scarf can help you solve this problem. Put together the two sides of the breach. Then, use the silk scarf to make a lovely bowknot which is based on the two sides of the breach. Very perfect solution, right?
Of course, there are other embarrassing occasions that you may encounter. What I have mentioned two are just common ones that many people have this kind of experiences. However, a beautiful and fashionable silk scarf can help you get rid of those dilemmas. Therefore, if you are going to attend a party next time, you had better take a silk scarf with you.


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What Will You Do If Your Bobtail Has Something Wrong?

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What Will You Do If Your Bobtail Has Something Wrong?

This article was published on 2011/01/27