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Tattoos are something that look great when you're young, but, as the body starts to age and sag and there's the battle of the bulge, those beautiful tattoos that were once a statement of art and beauty, can be a wrinkled mess that look more like an ink spot than anything else. There's also the drunken episode where a tattoo sounds great, just to realize what you've done the next day. There are many reasons individuals choose to have their tattoos removed. That beautiful name that was your lover who is no longer your lover, your tastes went from roses to skulls, or whatever reason, that tattoo is no longer a part of you. So what's the solution? Tattoo removal.
Laser tattoo removal is the solution and it is safe and simple. The technology is advanced and effective on all skin types. Laser tattoo removal using the Q switch technology, uses a laser beam which initiates a photo acoustic wave of energy. With this technology, the ink is shattered into particle fragments that are gradually removed by the body's natural process. The amazing thing about the process is that it is not only effective, the treatment only take a few minutes. The advantage is that it is safe and that it targets all colors of ink breaking up the pigment of the skin. The treatment can be performed on all parts of the body with the exception of the inner ear and areas surrounding the eyes.
Although the laser treatment is not painful, there can be some degree of discomfort. It does only last a few minutes, however.
Laser tattoo removal is most effective with a course of treatments. There is no set number of treatments, and a laser removal clinic will consult with the individual and then be able to give them an idea, as the number of treatments will depend on the type of the ink, as well as, the depth, amount and color. Typically treatments are spaced about six weeks apart.
For those that do opt for laser tattoo removal they may experience swelling redness and the feeling that like a mild sunburn. There may also be scabbing. There may also some change in the texture of the skin, or discoloration but that typically does not last.
Laser tattoo removal is the preferred method of tattoo removal. There is little risk of scarring, the pain is minimal, and the method does not take extensive treatments. It is also affordable and within reach of many individuals. You should definitely seek a skin clinic that specializes in tattoo removal using laser beam.
There are many sources to research laser skin clinics with online being one of the best sources. You definitely want a clinic that has the experience and expertise, as well as, a portfolio where they can show their successful work. Consultation should be free and after your initial consultation, you should have a good idea of the effectiveness and the number of treatments that will be required to permanently remove the tattoo. hair removal melbourne is also a treatment that the clinic should perform.

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Tattoo Removal..

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Tattoo Removal..

This article was published on 2012/03/17