Taking a Closer Look at BenSherman

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In a world of fast-paced fashion trend changes, it is easy to get overwhelmed. A person who is always on the cutting edge of fashion would have to use up a lot of resources, if not cash, to maintain his or her disposition. For those who want to still be fashionable without being too “trendy,” going with the fundamental classics is the way to go. BenSherman, a British clothing brand, is the right choice for this.

From the moment you step inside a BenSherman store, a very English vibe could be felt. The store interiors are very patriotic, with the Union Jack displayed almost everywhere—from chair upholsteries to wall portraits. Framed photographs of British style icons such as Twiggy and British high street fashion portraits are also mounted on the walls. Even the store door handle is British, which is actually the Royal Air Force roundel. Indeed, the brand itself has a very mod lifestyle feel.

Like all other fashion houses, the brand releases different collections every season. This year’s 2011 collection, called The Plectrum Collection, got its inspiration from the Englishman in New York, a discerning man that is well-traveled and both curious and audacious in his quest to discover the eccentric and the fascinating. It is from this timeless, almost heroic character that BenSherman takes its inspiration, and spent much time to the creation of these offerings as knits are made in Scotland, with the coats lined with goose down and trimmed with real rabbit fur. The buttons and toggles are made of leather, horn and wood. The collection not only epitomizes the quintessentially English gent, but it also exudes high end luxury.

BenSherman carries a very sartorial look. It caters mostly to men, but it also has some apparel for women. The clothes the brand sells are mostly basic pieces—chinos, button downs, tees, suits, and knits to name a few—made from high quality materials of the finest craftsmanship. As for the designs, it goes for plaid—which is never out of style—stripes, and minimalistic tee prints which are most of the time the Royal Air Force roundel. Its color palette is mostly neutral and earthy, with the occasion of color splashes here and there. BenSherman is indeed a gentleman’s boutique. One could never go wrong with it.

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Taking a Closer Look at BenSherman

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This article was published on 2011/10/07