Street Style of our Times

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The people of today are lucky with all the resources they can get their hands on as things are as conveniently available in one click. Street Style too is a trend that quickly spread throughout the world with the help of fashion blogs.

Now, people have the chance to see varying styles of people in different corners of the globe. Through these samples from real people from cities like Tokyo, New York, London and Paris, people from other places in the world can get several styles from these people or take inspirations from the styles of others.

People aren’t looking at magazines anymore for fashion sense as the availability of fashion blogs featuring normal people with great fashion style dominates the internet. People aren’t interested in looking at the endless faces of the same celebrities on magazines anymore and they find the average Jane or Joe on the streets wearing something they too can wear seem to be more appealing for their tastes.

The humble appeal of street style today appeals to the masses who are enthusiastic about fashion but aren’t conscious about designer labels. Street fashion promotes using creativity and imagination with procuring items to add to their outfit. It also promotes buying from bargains, sales, garage sales, flea markets and more in order to get new clothes. Fashion on the street has a casual appeal so being conscious with labels and names of designers aren’t a necessity, it is more on looking good with great color and piece coordination summed up with the stylish creativity of a person.

We all know that the economy isn’t looking pretty good and looking at celebrities wearing a handbag that costs more than your salary for a month will only evoke envy and bitterness. Street style is more on buying smart and saving up your money.

If you are fashion savvy and is thinking about updating your wardrobe, why now street style your way with getting new handbags, scarves and shoes? Join’s contest this end of summer. Joining is very simple, visit and read the rules found at

All you have to do is record a style of your own with you walking down the streets and upload it through youtube, the link of your video should be submitted to the website. Make sure you are a member of the website first before submitting your link. You will be notified once your video has been posted on the website and people will then be able to vote on your video. Most voted video wins the goodies!

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Street Style of our Times

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This article was published on 2011/09/05