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The sun is extremely damaging to the eyes. The strong glare of the sunlight can cause temporary blindness and might even damage the fragile layers of your eyes. In addition to that, UV rays can speed up the ageing process of the flimsy skin around the eye area.

A good pair of sunglasses can protect your peepers from the everyday wear and tear that the sun can cause to the area around the eyes. A brand of sunglasses you might want to add to your collection is Police sunglasses.

These sunglasses rival Mens Emporio Armani sunglasses and cheap Carrerra sunglasses because of their style and quality. This company actually strives to separate itself from other eyewear companies and brands through their crafting and designs. This is evident in their numerous collections.

Their sunglasses can be acquired from anywhere all over the world. You can also purchase authentic Police eyewear online. But this company actually started with America's street style in mind. They wanted to create eyewear that will cater to the needs of modern day clients. They wanted something that will really punctuate modern looks and clothing ensemble but still a style that can transcend trends. They mainly market their products to European market, hence their popularity in theUK. Since 1983, they have been dedicated in producing eyewear that will fit the lifestyle and the styling needs of their clientele.

Traits Of Police Eyewear

There are many things that set it apart from other eyewear companies and brands. They cater to both men and women. They were the first company to come up with the blue mirrored lenses that became viral in the 1990s. If you have an eyewear with the logo of an eagles wings and a gothic P insignia on it, you are current and in the now.

Fast forward to present, they are still one of the leaders when it comes to eyewear innovation. You can say that most of their eyewear designs are a bit futuristic. In this day and age when people are actually captivated by older styles of eyewear, they still hasn't backed down when it comes to creating new trends and making this trend catch on.

Police glasses are also patronized by the whos who in Hollywood such as George Clooney, Bruce Willis and David Beckham.

Now that the retro or vintage glasses are back, Police is also bringing back the style that they became famous in the past and that is that blue lens eyewear.

How To Tell If You Are Getting Authentic Police Eyewear

Just like other popular eyewear brands such as Mens Emporio Armani sunglasses and cheap Carrerra sunglasses, this company also has quite a number of knock offs circulating around in the market. Don't waste your money on a pair of fake eyewear. Make sure you choose only the authentic ones from this company.

Here are some ways on how you can tell if they are authentic:

Check out the packaging and the included papers of the eyewear.

This company will put your purchased eyewear in their branded case that also has a free cleaning cloth. Make sure the logo of the company is etched on the case and that the logo has been printed correctly. If it looks cheap and is ready to peel off, chances are, you have purchased an imitation. The package also includes an authenticity guarantee or card. You can easily tell if it is an imitation if there are misspellings or grammatical errors.

Some sellers, especially those found online, might forget to include these freebies. Make sure you contact the seller and ask for these items if they are missing.

Know the makings of an authentic eyewear from this company.

There are distinct features known to this brand only such as aluminium temples, the logo, embellishments such as rhinestones and the like. They are also quite known for their superb manufacturing skills that enable them to hade the screws that hold the frame in place.

Make sure you get authentic Police sunglasses only. Just like when buying >mens Emporio Armani sunglasses and cheap Carrera sunglasses, you also have to go the extra mile in ensuring that what you are getting is the real one. 

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Police Sunglasses For Everyday Use

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This article was published on 2012/03/22