Light make up is one of the most preferred spring trends

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Summer trend include wearing light colored dresses.  Because the climate range from being extremely hot to warm, it is advisable to wear cotton clothes which absorb the sweat. Dark color clothes are a strict no-no and they absorb a lot of heat making you uncomfortable. Also you won’t be able to wear it for a long time. But wearing light colored dresses like green, yellow and white makes you look beautiful in the shining sun. These light cotton clothes provide you with utmost comfort.

The main characteristic of Summer trend is the wide variety of glares available. Sunglasses are one of the most important things in summer. And if you like them, then why not combine it with your clothes to make a fashion statement? Bid glasses that cover your entire eye area are in trend. Also colors like brown, black and red are preferred. Sometimes people wear sunglasses which resemble spectacles. They look cool with formals and casuals.

Spring summer fashion boasts of bold belts. Bold belts of golden or blue colors combined with great pants, jeans or trousers look great during spring. These belts need not be made necessarily out of leather. In fact you can make your own casual belts too out of some cloth you like. Preferable take a thin cloth and tie it around your waist to give a cool look.

Another famous accessory in spring summer fashion is bold earrings and jewellery. Bold earring suit a lot on all the face types. But they should not be very large also. Medium sized earrings are in. matching necklaces, bracelets; clutches enhance your spring look. All these make you look elegant and beautiful

Light make up is one of the most preferred spring trends. A slight touch of lip gloss, nude lipstick, mascara and a little kohl under your eyes will make you look elegant for any spring evening. Be it any occasion, light make up makes you look more beautiful.

Wearing a combination of white and black is also a hot favorite Spring trend. Sporting a white and black short dress combined with the same hued clutch will make you look set for any occasion.

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Light make up is one of the most preferred spring trends

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This article was published on 2011/03/11