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 The Japanese aren’t only great with the latest gadgets and technology, they are also notoriously known for some kick-ass street style fashion. Everyone walking down the street of Harajuku, Tokyo and other places has their own style. The street style of Japan in the big cities range from the quirky to the really awesome ensemble that a lot of us won’t even have the guts to pull off (let alone walk out of our house in).

Walking down these streets, you will see flamboyantly dressed people with eye catching headdresses with a top and bottom of leopard print matched with red-white striped socks in bright red shoes.

It’s definitely a fashion runway instead of a street over there. There are a lot of colorfully dressed people walking the street to work or simply hanging out on the side while others are lounging in the nearest coffee shop.

From the cute to the wickedly dressed, it won’t be hard to get inspiration just by looking at the wonderfully clothed citizens of Harajuku with their colorful outfits that will surely catch your attention.

You should take away the notion that street style should just be left to the punks who march down the streets in metal studded boots and leather jackets with all the body piercings.

Japanese street style is about playing and using colors loosely. Wearing what you want while complementing your whole outfit. It is absolutely a brave and psychedelic street style out there.

The people here really loved to walk so why not try walk on the streets as though it’s a fashion runway? It is a joy to watch the bustling streets of Japan and see wondrously dressed people and even the old folks are in fashion aside from the loudly dressed youth. You can see an old man wearing a complete felt suit with a key item of scarlet scarf to complete the look!

These people don’t necessarily follow any fashion magazines but have grown their own home-brewed style. You too should try a rather flamboyant look once in a while and see the reaction of people around you. Being loud with colors and flamboyant with the look doesn’t mean you have to dress up like a clown. Learn how to wear clothes that would scream fashion with your lips completely sealed.

Today, a lot of people are into fashion and looking at what the others are wearing on the other side of the world would really be a great discovery.

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Japanese Street Style

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This article was published on 2011/09/06