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Getting ready for the work week does not mean leaving all fashion sense in the closet.  Fashion is booming, even in the career world.  From stilettos to briefcases, the world of work has adapted to amazing fashion.

When dressing for your career, the goal is to project a high level of professionalism, and class, no matter what your career path.  This does not always mean shirts uncomfortably buttoned to a tight neckline, nor does it mean nude stockings are always necessary.  Professionalism in fashion is reaching new heights.  Here are some out of the ordinary fashion ideas for your career-gear assembly:

Less Is More:  Being fashion forward does not mean adding out of context prints or flashy color.  Although color is great, and so are prints, softer colors such as pinks and greens can work just as well.  

This theory can also apply with accessories.  It is often better to make one statement with a bangle necklace or beaded earrings, than to wear both, as well as fifteen rings.  One fantastic piece of jewelry can make an entire ensemble.  It's good to go bold, it's not so good to overdo it.

Be Polished:  To be polished does not have to mean dressing like your grandmother.  Polished can be projected through a fitted leather jacket over a crisp shirt.  It can also mean strutting a freshly polished pair of tall boots with a pencil skirt.  The more clean your look appears, the more professional and organized an image you will give yourself.  

Even when purchasing stellar clothing articles from your online boutique, don't be afraid to get them hemmed to fit you perfectly.  Designer clothing will also sport classy buttons, tiny logos, and tailored workmanship.  

Fit Your Fashion To Your Routine:  While some workers may only need a small clutch or a leather handbag, others may require a large leather bag or briefcase.  All of these items now come in fashionable designs.  If your position requires sitting throughout most of the day, perhaps some comfortable pants or a cotton skirt is in order.  If constantly walking is your daily routine, maybe comfortable shoes or sandals would be a main priority.  

Each person has a different daily routine in the workplace.  While looking sharp, don't be afraid to think out the day's comfort in advance.  Looking good does not need to mean being completely uncomfortable.

Follow Suit:  When in doubt as to what may or may not be appropriate attire, with respects to human resources and the outline of your company, look to your boss.  Although you boss may not be up to par with fashion, the general do's and don'ts will often revolve around this individual.  If your boss is wearing a suit to work every day, it might not be in your best interest to walk into work with khakis and a tank.  Learn from those above you, and use them as your baseline.  Then make your own alterations, to create a look that exhibits who you are as a career individual.  

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Fashionable Career Gear

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This article was published on 2010/10/08