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You may have been heard and seen the words "Fashion Stylist" from TV and fashion magazines. Indeed, it has become one of the promising professions in the global fashion world. So what does it basically do? A fashion stylist as its name implies works with fashion trends that create a noticeable and distinctive individualized style for their clients. Any person can be one of their clients that may include models, celebrities, busy work people or any individual who just aspires to create that fashion change for them.

The tasks involved in this career would usually include close monitoring of the latest trends in fashion, keep up a good network of contacts, find out and decide the best look and style for their clients, find the most suitable accessories, clothes and shoes without having to get stressed. They can put up a wardrobe plan in a flash as well as dressing up their clients in a hip and fashionable style.

Once you hire the professional service of a fashion stylist, it means you also trust him or her to give you lectures on the pieces that will be good for you. Anyway, he or she will also consider your overall personality. They will just help you look better but they won't change the real you. What's good about a stylist is that he or she eyes even the smallest details that you wear. The dress that looks nice on you could suddenly become look unwanted due to your large-beaded precious necklace. Or perhaps it does not go well with the loud color of the bag that you carry. Choosing the right clothes does not end the job of stylists. This is actually just the beginning and there are more finishing touches to come.

Your recording artist clothes need to separate you from the rest of the pack, as well as the everyday life. Continues June Ambrose, "The psychology of it is to understand that for 20 hours of the day you're not going to be the same person that your mother gave birth to. It's about your character. I worked with DMX when he hadn't come out yet. He didn't understand shoes, suits, or slacks or any of that stuff. I told him, 'It's not about you, it's about your character'. It's playing dress-up. It's not real life."

Having a formal education in fashion and styling is an added advantage. To start with, you can even experiment with your family and friends to put your creative skills to practice. As a stylist, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and the happenings in the world of fashion. Browse through the fashion magazines and watch fashion related programs regularly. Have a portfolio of your work . To make it more effective, make a column that indicates 'before makeover' and 'after makeover,' as this gives the client an idea of your style of creation. In addition, create a website that indicates your nature of work, the offers you provide, and include in as many as quality information possible.

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Fashion Stylist Career

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This article was published on 2011/01/06