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Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace. Do you know each of them? If yes, perhaps because you possess more than one item designed by these designers. In this case, you are part of the small elite group of society. On the other hand, if you say yes to the question yet you don't own any of the items designed by these famous designers, you are only acquainted to how popular they are but cannot afford to buy their super expensive fashion items. Sad reality but it is definitely true. Couture fashion does not belong to the masses where an overwhelming number of people belong.

If you are part of the masses, that is not one good reason not to be acquainted with couture fashion. Who knows the twists of fate may lead you to the top. So, read on.

The word couture is a French word which means "high fashion" that is used to describe fashion items designed by top designers of the world for their elite clients. Most of these fashion items do have "baptism" in the runways where models wearing them walk along the path while photographers, rich buyers, and celebrities watch at the audience area.

Although couture fashion is meant for the elite, there are a good number of top designers who abound in the world of fashion. To name others aside from those mentioned above, top designers include Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Gucci, Chloe, Lacoste and the list is relatively long. These designers create apparels with matching accessories that are extremely expensive and exclusive for people such as celebrities, royal people, and those who dominated the business world.

Most of the time, the people we see wearing these super fashionable items are our favorite actors and actresses. But if we take time to notice, we can also see the wealthiest people in our neighborhood wearing or, the better term, flaunting these fashionable apparels and accessories. Take time to observe the Louis Vuitton purse carried by the affluent dining at a restaurant, or the Chanel suits worn by wealthy politicians, or the sweet fragrance of perfume by Hugo Boss worn by a socialite, or the sunglasses that hunky rich kids wear at the beach or in any open, sunny field.

These people may not be given space in the tabloids and magazines but they can afford to buy the mentioned items. It is a fact that in France, the fashion capital of the world, at least 3,000 unpublicized women citizens buy couture fashion items and 300 of them keep themselves updated to the latest couture fashion trends by buying regularly.

Fabulous fashion may be extremely expensive but I don't think you don't deserve to have one or a few items of it. There are sites in the internet where you can find secondhand designers fashion items at reduced prices. But take note, take caution and be choosy of these sites. Choose only those reputable sellers. There are plenty of authentic pieces but fake ones also abound. When you visit sites, read thoroughly the reviews, ask the seller sensible questions, and take note of the prices that make the fashion items more mesmerizing.

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Couture Fashion

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This article was published on 2010/04/02